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About Us

From the village of Pantana, in the hills of the Italian Province of Marche, Antonio Betti immigrated to the village of Jessup, PA in 1894... the Betti family has generations of winemaking experience with an unbroken legacy of excellence. 


Capra Collina

Capra Collina in English translates to "Nanny Goat Hill", an area of Jessup heavily populated by Italian immigrants in the early half of the Twentieth Century. The settlers kept free-range goats for their milk and cheese, both ricotta and mozzarella. The goats were housed in a communal barn which later became the site of a public school. Unfortunately, the goats were imprinted to return to the site in inclement weather or at first sign of trouble. The school and surrouning neighborhood eventually was referred to as "Nanny Goat Hill". We use the name to honor those early Italian setters and to recall their contributions to the American experience. 


Heritage Lives On...

We are proud to say that the term "modern wine-making" means very little to us. As life-long winemakers, beginning as boys helping our father who had learned the art of wine-making from his father, we found very little to improve upon the tried proven centuries old methods of our family. While we've been tempted to experiement with more modern ways, it is all for naught. We've always returned to our old methods, its actually a joy to see them stand the test of time!

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